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Services Provided

Family Home Providers (Residential Supports) provide 24-hour supervision and training in day-to-day activities including household management, personal care, laundry, money management and self-care. 

Community Living supports provide skills to individuals in activities like shopping, household maintenance and community activities.

Personal assistance service will provide assistance to facilitate independence and promote integration into the community. This includes shopping, household maintenance, and community activities.

Community access service assists a person to become involved in clubs and organizations in the community. This service includes recreational, religious, educational, civic and volunteer, and develop natural supports in these settings.

Day training service provides training in a place other than home, focused on such topics as career development, health, wellness, and community integration. Skills and opportunities to be successful within his/her community. This is just an example of skills provided through this service.

Personal care assists individuals with basic daily living activities such as bathing, eating and dressing.

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